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Have you heard about rent to buy? This is the explanation

Have you heard about rent to buy? This is the explanation

Have you ever thought about leasing an item until finally deciding to buy it? If it yes, the next thing you think about is where to find that kind of method, right? The right answer is Komrade, in that company you can make that payment method. For example, if you want to rent a truck then you can rent it until you become an owner. In Komrade, any type of financing will not incriminate you, you will do an easy and fast process.

Now, let’s try to understand what exactly this type of financing is based on the Rent to Buy method. In this method, the payment is done by installment. Inside there are two types of agreements, there are agreements of sale and purchase and lease. If the debtor is unable to settle the existing installment, then the creditor can be entitled to withdraw the object in installments, and the fees which have been paid are considered as rental fees. However, if the debtor is able to settle the installment, the object will be automatically generated into the sale, so the right of ownership changes hands to the debtor. The purpose of performing installments in this method is to pay the rent while paying off the purchase. The price of the object that will sell was already there from the beginning of the agreement, so the debtor should not be afraid if at any time the price may change.

In Komrade, you can do this rent-to-buy method for some vehicles like
1. Trucks,
2. Business Vehicles,
3. Vans,
4. Machines,
5. Trailers,
6. Earthmoving Equipment,
7. And many more.

In Komrade, this rent-to-buy method has a fast and easy process, so customers will not be made difficult by various terms and agreements that sometimes can slow down the process. In addition to rent-to-buy, you can also choose other methods that suit the needs. So, you must first know for sure the needs and basic needs that you have to finish first. Do not choose a method of financing simply because of a mere consumptive feeling.