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Healthy Living with these 5 Colors

Healthy Living with these 5 Colors

Consciously or not continue reading, our brains are influenced by the colors we use or the colors in the environment. Each color seems to have different energy waves. These waves are different effects.

This color method has actually existed and has been used for a long time, even in the days of Chinese culture and Ancient Egypt. Likewise, modern visual communication lyrics today use color for color therapy (colorology) which uses color to heal. You may, then, continue reading, to know more.

According to research, there are several colors that have an impact on health and mood. By applying these colors to the dwelling space will have an impact on the health quality of the occupants.

Here are the colors that you can apply to space and have a positive impact on health.

– Blue

Blue is a tranquilizing color. This color can be useful for lowering high blood pressure and stabilizing heart rate. In addition, the blue color has a soothing effect that can muffle a throbbing and powerful heart to overcome sleep disorders or insomnia.

Blue therapy also can overcome various diseases, such as gastritis, arthritis, lower back pain, sore throat, asthma, and migraine. You can apply blue on the walls of the room, sheets, and some furniture in the room.

– Orange

Decorating the room with bright colors like orange, good for increasing appetite. Orange has been proven to stimulate the nervous system associated with appetite.

The Orange color associated with lymph which serves as a regulator of circulation and metabolism. If applied to space, orange color will bring the feeling of joy and happiness.

– Yellow

The yellow color is central to the whole nervous system. Applying this color in the chamber can refresh the weak nerves, can control the digestive process and the process of working the liver and intestines.

The yellow color has a decongestant and antibacterial properties that act as a body cleanser. That’s why yellow can relieve the feeling of depression or stress. This color helps relieve rheumatism as well as arthritis, smooth blood circulation, stimulate vision, hearing, and encourage intelligence.

– Red

The red color is considered to stimulate energy and vitality, as well as sharpen vision, hearing, feeling and help survive. This color is suitable for room decoration. In general, red also increases heart rate and can stimulate blood circulation, adrenalin production, and warms the body. However, it is better to reduce red to emotional and overactive people.

– Green

Green is the color that makes people feel comfortable and stable. Apply to room chamber to obtain calming effects of nerves, reduce intraocular pressure, eliminate eyestrain, increase muscle movement capacity and so on.

The green color can be used to balance and stabilize the body’s energy, especially the heart. The reason is that the color green can affect the structure of human cells. Psychologically natural green color can refresh negative emotions, fatigue, and nausea.