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Food Triggers of Cervical Cancer to Avoid

Food Triggers of Cervical Cancer to Avoid

Cervical cancer or cervical cancer is one type of deadly disease and difficult to cure. Therefore, cervical cancer becomes one type of disease that is very frightening for some women. Cervical cancer attacks the female reproductive organs, precisely in the cervical region. This cancer is caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). However, did not rule out this cervical cancer caused by the wrong diet. Therefore, you should consider several types of foods that should be avoided because it is considered as a trigger for the emergence of cervical cancer cells.

Some of these foods include the following:

– Food with alcohol content
Food triggers another cervical cancer is food containing alcohol. Basically, alcohol is not good for your body. In addition, by consuming excessive alcohol, can lead to cancer cells in the cervix. Therefore, you should avoid consumption of foods containing alcohol, such as alcohol-containing cake. Once in a while, it may be okay, but do not let your excessive consumption.

– Food with chemicals
It is difficult to find foods and drinks that are free from chemicals today. Most of the food and beverages that circulate at least have one type of chemical substances contained in it, such as artificial sweeteners, artificial colouring to preservatives. Though food with chemical content of this can be trigger cervical cancer. To avoid too many chemicals that contaminate the body so that the trigger cervical cancer, you should cook your own food that you will eat.

– Fatty foods
Be careful with fatty foods! Because it is one type of food triggers cervical cancer. Women who consume fatty foods are much more likely to develop cervical cancer than women who consume more fruits and vegetables. This can happen because fat can produce the hormone estrogen, while the condition of the uterus is too often exposed to estrogen hormones can trigger the onset of cancer cells. In addition, fatty foods can also lead to obesity. If not balanced with many moves and also a lot of exercises, then the potential for cancer cells will be greater. So from now on, better reduce and stay away from consumption of fatty foods. Try to consume more fruits and vegetables and always exercise for at least 30 minutes during each day.