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Facebook live stream feature and how to use it

Facebook live stream feature and how to use it

The Facebook Live streaming video feature itself was first to present only limited to public figures and large companies through a special page, with a different name, namely “Mentions”. However, right now, the feature intended for smartphone users through the Facebook application is growing and can be used by almost all Facebook users in the world, labeled “Live”. Based on our editorial search results! many Facebook users on the internet, who are curious about how to use the Live Streaming on Facebook feature on Facebook applications embedded in their smartphones. This is shown how the high number of searches uses keywords “how to use the Facebook Live streaming video feature” on the Google search engine page.

How to stream (video) videos with Facebook Live

For now, the Facebook live streaming video feature has been enjoyed by iOS and Android-based smartphone users, through the Facebook application. However, please note that only Facebook users with verified accounts can use the Live streaming video feature, so make sure first whether your Facebook account has been verified or not.

Well, the next step is to stream videos, namely in the following ways:

1. Open and login to your Facebook account on Facebook on an iOS or Android smartphone.

2. Touch (tap) a sign from the News Feed page or your Facebook account Timeline.

3. Then search and tap on the Facebook Live feature with a sign to stream videos.

4. Don’t forget to write down the description choices about your video broadcast, and set the choice of anyone who can view the streaming video.

5. Next, tap on the option that says Go Live to start your broadcast.

6. If you want to end streaming video, just press the option that says Finish.

There are a number of things to note when you want to use the Facebook Live streaming video feature, which is to make sure you have an internet connection that is strong enough when you want to stream your video, make sure your internet quota is really enough, because streaming video requires internet connection power a bit wasteful.