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Easy Tricks For Keeping Your Carpet Clean

Easy Tricks For Keeping Your Carpet Clean

When you find a stain that sticks to your carpet, then all you have to do is not rub it because this will actually make the stain spread and will even further contaminate your carpet. So what should you do? Actually, there are several actions or steps that you can choose, one of which is using a steam engine that is specifically made to remove stains. Meanwhile, contact the tile cleaning north shore if you want to clean your floor and carpets by hiring professionals.

You only need to direct the steam to the stain and then the steam will automatically blot the stain that sticks to your carpet until it’s clean. However, you must understand that this method is only used for new stains.

If the stain on your carpet has been long, then all you have to do is wet it first and gently clean it with a cloth and do not immediately rub it. Indeed, this method requires a fairly long time, especially if the stain is difficult to remove. But if you immediately rub it, then what you get is even the stain spreads more and the color on your carpet will also usually wear off.

Wash carpets regularly

To make your carpet clean and maintain its quality, all you have to do is wash it regularly. How often do you have to wash the carpet? Actually washing carpets too often is not a good thing.

We recommend that you wash the carpet regularly at least twice a year or six months. The ingredients that you use to wash the carpet must also use natural ingredients that do not dissolve the color of your carpet.

You can use a mixture of lemon juice, water, salt, and vinegar and then spray it onto the stain or other parts of your carpet, then clean it slowly. This herb has proven to be very effective in helping to lift stubborn stains on your carpet.