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Do These Three Ways To Have A Healthy Body While Staying Smoking

Do These Three Ways To Have A Healthy Body While Staying Smoking

Smoking may be something that some people love because it is considered a very fun activity and can make them feel calm and comfortable while doing it. In fact, there are some smoke accessories you can choose, one of which is the hand pipes. With a variety of interesting designs then this cigarette accessory you can choose and tailored to your needs and desires.

If many people think that smoking can damage your health. then, there are actually some tips that you can do to smoke can also keep you feeling healthy and keep your body healthy. Some of these tips are

1. Consumption of foods containing Omega 3 To Fix Lung Function
Omega 3 can improve lung function even you always smoking. Foods that contain Omega 3 include peanuts, marine food, and green vegetables. Begin to consume Omega 3 from now on if you want to have a lung that returns healthy.

2. Soybeans
Increase soy consumption to improve lung function and reduce the risk of shortness of breath, such as tempeh, tofu, and soy milk. Researchers from Japan found that the content of flavonoids in soybean function as anti-inflammation of the lungs and protect lungs from tobacco that can cause cancer.

3. Use 12 Hours Method To Detoxify Your Body
It may be difficult to leave the cigarette for 12 hours. But try not to smoke because within that time the body starts to improve its system to remove carbon monoxide and nicotine content slowly. Easy enough, you simply do not smoke for a few hours after resting. The result is much better if you do not smoke within 2-3 days because the carbon monoxide and nicotine in the body will disappear altogether! Worth a try is not it? Therefore it is not wrong to fast for several days from cigarettes to detoxify your body.

These three ways you can do if you want to keep a healthy body and can still smoke because these activities are activities that you really like.