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Cotton Bud and Alcohol gel for cleaning touchscreens

Cotton Bud and Alcohol gel for cleaning touchscreens

One option to clean the HP screen easily is to use Cotton Bud. You can use this tool to clean the earlobe to clean the smartphone screen. This Cotton Bud can be a substitute for the fabric in a previous way. However, you still have to make sure that the Cotton Bud you use has very soft cotton so it won’t scratch the screen of your smartphone. The ingredients needed are not much different from the previous method, namely Cotton Bud and clean water. Apart from that, perhaps you need to see and Buy Australian Refurbished Phones as well.

Then, try to follow these steps:

Pour 1 to 2 drops of clean water on the tip of Cotton Bud.
Then, rub it on the screen of your smartphone.
Do not forget to also wipe between the screen of the HP.

Only with these 3 steps, now the screen of your smartphone is shiny and clean of dust. Just like the previous suggestion not to use excessive water on Cotton Bud. Because, if you use excessive water, it is likely that the water will enter your hardware device. This will actually damage your smartphone. Want to try it?

Aside from that, try to use the alcohol gel as well.

Are you familiar with alcohol cleansing gel? Well, the usual alcohol gel for hand cleaning can also be to clean your smartphone screen. Indeed, alcohol gel is dangerous for smartphones, but if you use it in the right way, alcohol gel will actually help to clean the smartphone screen.

The method is quite easy, first, you prepare a soft cloth. Then, you can pour a little alcohol gel on a cloth. The ratio between alcohol and water is 40% alcohol and 60% water. Then, you wipe it gently on the smartphone screen. You need to remember, do not immediately pour alcohol gel on the smartphone screen. It’s because this will damage the smartphone screen. Do you want to try it?