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Cortisol: Facts You Should Know

Cortisol: Facts You Should Know

The cortisol hormone may not be much known to its existence compared to the adrenal hormone. In fact, both types of hormones are related to each other and have functions that are not small for the body to function optimally. Cortisol hormone or also widely known as a stress hormone, because this hormone will be produced more when the body is experiencing stress, both physical and emotional. If you want to manage your stress, you can ensure that cortisol supplements will work as well as your expectation, Here are some facts about the cortisol hormone that is important to know:

The cortisol hormones provides energy and controls stress

The cortisol plays a role in the use of sugar or glucose and fat in the body’s metabolism to provide energy. In addition, cortisol hormone works to control stress that can be affected by conditions of infection, injury, heavy activity, and physical and emotional stress. Not only that, cortisol will help maintain normal blood pressure while controlling blood sugar levels by releasing insulin.

The release of the hormone cortisol is triggered by a body alarm

When feeling threatened, then part of the brain will turn on the body alarm. It will then trigger the adrenal glands that are above the kidneys secrete the hormone adrenaline, this coincides with the hormone cortisol. Adrenal hormones will increase heart rate, while the cortisol hormone is known as stress hormone will increase the sugar in the bloodstream, so the brain can work more effectively.

Highest levels of the cortisol hormone in the morning

Under normal conditions, the highest levels of cortisol hormone peak at 7 am and will decrease further. The lowest level of cortisol hormone is at bedtime. However, the opposite can happen to people who work at night and sleep in the morning as a routine.