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Components in Fire Tube Boilers and Their Functions

Components in Fire Tube Boilers and Their Functions

Industrial development and public demand are sometimes unbalanced. Many demands from the public make the factory industry look for alternatives to keep working without spending a lot of electricity resources. In moving equipment at the plant, it is necessary to use a large enough driving force so that they start using calderas as one of the power plants with steam power.

Boilers are devices that function to heat water by using heat from the combustion of fuel, the heat from combustion and then the combustion heat is poured into the water to produce steam. Generally, the fuel used to heat the boiler is coal, gas, and fuel oil. Just as pumps, compressors and other factory equipment are composed of various components so that the device can operate and carry out its role. Boilers are also composed of various components with their respective functions. Some of these components are:

– Superheater
It is a steam drying place because the steam from the steam drum is still wet so it cannot be used. The advanced heating process uses a pipe superheater which is heated at a temperature of 260 ° C to 350 ° C. With this temperature, the steam will dry out and can be used to drive turbines or for other equipment.

– Used Gas Disposal Regulator
Smoke from the combustion chamber sucked by an IDF (Induced Draft Fan) blower through a dust collector will then be discharged through the chimney. The smoke gas regulator is arranged in advance as needed before the IDF is turned on, because the bigger the damper is opened, the more suction will occur from inside the furnace.

– Estimator glass
The estimator glass is mounted on the upper drum which functions to determine the water level inside the drum. The aim is to facilitate the control of the water level in the kettle as long as the boiler is operating. These estimator glasses must be washed periodically to avoid blockages that make the water level unreadable.