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Clean House Immediately To Avoid Water Damage Risk

Clean House Immediately To Avoid Water Damage Risk

Leaking pipe or flood in your house could be very dangerous because you are racing against the growth of mold and bacteria that is very fast in a damp environment. Mold and mildew are very dangerous for sufferers of respiratory problems due to allergies or asthma. But high mold growth can also cause problems for relatively healthy people. Symptoms that arise due to fungal exposure include wheezing, shortness of breath, sore throat, aches such as flu and pain, and fatigue. The fungus is not the only threat from flooding. Bacteria may also be a problem if the house is submerged with dirt. Bacteria can cause digestive and skin problems. Therefore, cleaning the house immediately after being flooded is very important to stop the growth of fungi and bacteria. One of the hardest parts of the house to clean is the carpet and you need to use article source service.

The faster you clean a house after a flood, the better it is for your family. By not delaying this activity, you can prevent family members from being exposed to various diseases, caused by fungus or bacteria, after the flood. Check all the conditions of the house. Are there any problems with electric cables, gas cylinders, and gas pipes? Are there cracks in the foundation of the house? Or is there a stain on the roof of the house? If there are water stains, this is an indication of roof damage.

Removing water from the house by pump up or absorb water that flooded the house. Use the wet vacuum to reduce the amount of water in the carpet before professional service comes so you could move furniture with easy and reduce the risk of an accident. If the carpet isn’t too wet, you can dry it immediately using a vacuum cleaner. Use a fan to speed up drying. However, The National Center for Healthy Housing, recommends removing carpet that has a foul odor or has been submerged in water. You can also start cleaning the walls, floors, and stairs of the house using water and soap, or you should use a disinfectant solution. Don’t forget to clean the children’s play area.

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