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Choose A Safe Workshop To Replace Your Car Glass With These Two Ways

Choose A Safe Workshop To Replace Your Car Glass With These Two Ways

Cracked or cracked car glass will greatly interfere with all the activities that will be done in the car. to drive, this would be a very disturbing thing. If your windshield is broken, all you have to do is immediately replace it in Auto Glass Repair. The glass of the car you have must be replaced so that you can drive the car very comfortably and safely.

However, to replace broken glass windows, you need to bring them to a workshop that has been secured. There are some workshops that do not put forward their quality and replace your car glass very haphazardly. So, you need to replace your windshield in a guaranteed workshop. Some of these ways can help you to choose a good workshop.

1. Pay attention to the workmanship
You should pay attention to how they attach the glue to the glass. installing glass actually depends only on glue that serves to attach the glass to your car. If the placement of this glue is not appropriate, then the glue will not be solid and glass can not stick perfectly. In the case of installation of glass that is not done with the right car, usually, the car glass will be obvious that replacement has been done. Because the rubber that is on the edge of the glass will look very irregular and messy. So you need to know how to install glass on your car.

2. Note the edge of the glass
After the old glass is released from the car body, this will leave the old glue with a thickness between 0.5 cm to 1 cm. To get a good installation result, then the remaining glue contained on the edge must be cleaned. Cleaning the residual glue that is done in the wrong way can also cause defects on the surface of the body around the glass circle. If this happens, then it is very difficult to repair painted or scratched body paint, because the position is very close to the glass makes the process will not be perfect. So, you need to look at the glass edges that have just been replaced.