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Causes Of Mental Illness

Causes Of Mental Illness

Mental illness or mental disorder is a disease that involves a disturbance in the functioning of the brain that causes changes in the thought process, feelings and behavior of a person which results in disruption to carry out daily activities normally. Mental illness can happen to anyone and can come at any time because it is not influenced by weather or temperature factors like diseases in general. Living with someone who is mentally ill is not easy because you have to be patient in dealing with abnormal behavior. If you cannot stand seeing this condition, you can ask for an urgent healing prayer request so that God will restore the awareness of people affected by mental illness

The researchers explained that the average burden of mental illness was 1.5 times heavier than cancer and seven times greater than infectious diseases. There are several factors that cause mental illness, including:

1. Genetic factors (heredity): in families with a history of mental illness the risk is higher than in populations with no history of mental illness. However, this does not mean that a child who comes from a person with a mental illness can certainly have a mental illness as well. The possibility that can be obtained will be smaller if only one parent who has this disease.

2. Disorders of chemicals in the brain: if chemicals in the brain that are recognized as neurotransmitters do not function properly symptoms of mental illness will appear. For example:
-Schizophrenia: Excessive dopamine production.
-Dullness: Serotonin is too low.
-Mania: Serotonin parity has increased too much.
Balance: there is a disruption in the expenditure and function of noradrenaline.

3. Viral attacks: in research, there are viral diseases that have been linked to the emergence of mental illness.

4. Bitter life history. For example, losing parents as a child, too much ridicule from friends, being bullied excessively, etc.

5. Low socio-economic conditions: Factors of poverty, etc.
Well, if you have a mental illness among your family or close friends you should not be shunned, they should be given more attention. In addition, they were also given the necessary support so that they did not feel marginalized from the community.