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Can the keto diet weakens the cancer cells?

Can the keto diet weakens the cancer cells?

The key to the analysis that ketogenic diets will work against cancer cells is the fact that glucose or sugar and protein are foods for cancer cells. Cancer cells most need glucose to fuel their aggressiveness and spread. Aside from that, some people are also concerd about whether whether do bcaas raise blood sugar or not.

If sugar alone becomes the main food of cancer cells, meaning that if we run a diet that aims to lower blood glucose levels automatically will cause cancer cells will experience weakening. Of course with this idea, ketogenic diet is included in the list, because on this diet, the main purpose is to suppress blood glucose levels.

And from this assumption then some research is developed. Most acknowledge the relatively relevant influence of ketogenic dietary behavior with the attenuation of cancer cells. Numerous studies recognize simple therapy with ketogenic diet will give effect to treat colon cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer and cervical cancer.

Not only there, experts also explain that ketogenik diet works on the metabolic system and body immunity. These two aspects are the key to body balance. A number of experts who reveal a lot about ketogenic diet problems such as Otto Warburg and Dr. Thomas Seyfried, biologists and specialists cancer.

In fact, they also claim that the influence of ketogenic diet on cancer patients who have metastasize also quite relevant. The ketogenic diet provides the benefit of helping the cancer cells to become weakened making it easier to treat with conventional or combination therapies.

Nevertheless, it appears to be too hasty too if then make ketogenik diet therapy as a single therapy to treat cancer. There are still many views that view ketogenic diet can only be a companion therapy to help weaken cancer cells so that more easily treated.

The ketogenic diet does play a role in the process of treating colon, lung cancer, liver cancer, uterine cancer and many more, but its greatest role revolves around increasing the benefits of conventional therapies such as radio therapy or chemical therapy. This diet works on attenuation of cancer cells and in general tends not to be aggressive enough to kill cancer cells. combinations that are more complex to be able to get the optimal benefits to cope with cancer completely.