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The benefits of taking a warm bath before you sleep

The benefits of taking a warm bath before you sleep

Sleeping is one of the most important times in our daily life. So that’s why it’s vital to make ourselves sleep as comfortable as possible with the sufficient amount of time. So that’s why it’s also a good idea for you to take a warm bath before you sleep, which is very beneficial for your health. In the meantime, perhaps you can also check out the Inflatable Hot Tub Info to buy a perfect portable hot tub for your bathing needs.

Here are the benefits of taking a warm bath before sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping well at night? Warm bath water may be a workable solution. Based on research published in the US National Library of Medicine, a warm bath before bed can help you sleep more easily.

Explained Dr. Dianna Augelli from the Center for Sleep Medicine, take a bath before going to bed will make the body temperature lower so that makes relax. When the body relaxes, sleep becomes easier and better quality.

However, Dianna recommends not taking a hot shower just before you will go to sleep. Rising body temperature will make sleep more difficult. Well, a warm bath is done sometime before bed.

“You do not warm your body right before bedtime, cooling the body is a signal that tells you we should go to bed,” Dr. Dianna, as quoted from Women’s Health.

The optimal time for a warm bath is 90 minutes before bedtime. That way the body will have enough time to cool itself. When the body temperature drops, the body will automatically send a signal to the brain is time to sleep and you become drowsy.

Why warm water? Shortly after the shower, the body temperature will increase so that makes you more awake and active. On the other hand, warm water is also nutritious to make the body and mind relax. Over time, the body will go through the cooling process. The body system becomes more ready to rest than when your temperature is still warm.