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About Me

Experience has an important role in life. That’s what makes me write a blog based on what’s happening around me. Technology is growing rapidly, making the internet access anywhere. The development of language is also increasingly widespread so that more people who master the English language and find any information that is on the internet.

Information on the internet has a variety of forms. There is a form of writing, pictures, video, and audio. Millions of sites are accessed daily by billions of people on this earth. They look for any inherent information, especially with everyday life. Some also access the Internet to do schoolwork, receive e-mails for research, and more. There are also those who access the internet for negative purposes, whereas technology is created to facilitate human life in a positive context.

Rapid technological developments make the internet accessible through many devices, such as personal computers and smartphones. Sites on the internet also exist in various forms, one of which is a blog. Blogs are an easy place for sharing information, discussing with all internet users (either by identity or in anonymous form).

This blog is one of the information that can be accessed by people. My name is Doris W Alaniz. I like to share information through blog posts. This blog accommodates posts attached to everyday life, ranging from business, technology, to health. I feel happy if this information can be useful for many people and that is the reason why I am actively writing blogs.

If you are interested in the contents of this blog, I am very happy if you respond. The response is not just a passive comment. You and I can have an active discussion on the blog, so I have a desire for this blog better. You can also contact me via sending message on blog feature or via e-mail. I am very happy if I can communicate further and share information.